Madison, New Jersey
Hey, was that the Madison train station I saw in an episode of “Pretty Little Liars?” Why, yes it was! Madison is known for many things - its wide array of restaurants, the annual celebration, “Bottle Hill Day,” and for its cameos in movies and television shows. Madison has popped up in many shows such as; “The Sopranos,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “Guess Who,” “The Family Stone,” and others. But that’s not all this town is known for. The Madison Sidewalk Gallery and Art Gala, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Chatham Bookstore, Shanghai Jazz, and a variety of restaurants and stores. Want to create your own art? Mud Clay Studio offers classes, camps, parties and clay fun!! Need a sugar rush to help you get through the rest of a long day? Appropriately named, “Sugar Rush” candy store can fix that. (Or McCool’s Ice Cream Parlor, or Crowley Cupcakes!) 

City Hall: 50 Kings Rd. Madison, NJ 07940 / Main# 973-593-3042
Non-emergency Police:                  973-593-3000
Non-emergency Fire:                      973-593-3021
  Board of Ed:                                 973-593-3100
Elevation: 266’ / Population: 16,033 (2017) 
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